Our Coaches

Scott Lennox

Head Coach - Full Marathon

Scott returned to running in 2002, 37 years after he last ran in college. He was convinced by a good friend and fellow John Hancock associate to run the 2003 Boston Marathon together through the company program. Completing the race was a life changing experience. Scott has now run 59 marathons including 15 Boston Marathons. He began coaching with BostonFit as an assistant 11 years ago and has been a head coach for the last 8 years. In 2009, his daughter, Beth, began running and they have completed many races together including 25 marathons to date, most memorably the 2014 Boston Marathon, as well as coaching together for the past 7 years. In recent years, both his niece Rebecca and daughter Mandy have taken up the sport, expanding his running family.  His greatest rewards from running and coaching have been the shared experiences with his family and the many friends he has made through the years.